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Manitoba St Sep 12 02:30-03:30 PM SHOWING JOHN RICCHIUTO RIGHT AT HOME REALTY INC. 416-391-3232  /MG* 416 706 3634

-Can’t be reached

#Manitoba St Sep 11 06:00-07:00 PM SHOWING TYLER RALPH PYNE RE/MAX EDGE REALTY INC. 416-201-0200  /RY*

-Had a reasonably good showing. Still giving it some consideration. No questions at this time. 


#Manitoba St Sep 10 03:00-03:30 PM SHOWING Meta Vodopivc  905-241-2222 647-774-8237  /KR*

-Concerned about the overall condition of the suite. Specifically the floor is in really rough shape. 


#Manitoba St Sep 09 05:00-06:00 PM showing BILL HARKNESS RE/MAX REALTY SERVICES INC. 905-456-1000  Agent /SW*

-Buyer was in his 70’s and just wasn’t into it. 


#Manitoba St Sep 09 12:00-01:00 PM SHOWING RILEY BOYKO Cloud Realty 905-997-6000  /SW*

-The agent isn’t sure his clients are ready to make a purchase just yet. However the show was mostly positive and generally specking they liked it. 


#Manitoba St Sep 09 11:45-12:45 PM SHOWING GRACE ALZATE PROPERTY.CA REALTY INC. 416 583 1660  /SW*

-Can’t be reached 


#Manitoba St Sep 09 10:30-11:30 AM SHOWING MOE CARUSO SUTTON GROUP-ADMIRAL REALTY INC. 416-739-7200  /RY*

-New buyer for Moe. The showing was OK but he thought the price was a little high. 


Manitoba St Sep 09 01:00-02:00 PM SHOWING Steven Lianbas KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY SOLUTIONS 905-949-8866  /RY*

-I’m having trouble following up with him this week. But I spoke to him at the open house and I know his showing went well.